Jitter is a fast, simple, and collaborative motion design tool on the web. We help designers create high-quality animations for communication materials, videos, apps, and websites easily, while collaborating with all the stakeholders involved in the creative process: teammates, clients, marketers, engineers… We’re the “Figma for motion design”.

Jitter is already a leading design tool: we serve more than 30k users monthly, the community awarded us a Design tool of the Year award on Product Hunt, and our Figma plugin has more than 150k installs – making it the biggest standalone animation tool on Figma Community.

We are a small, efficient team from diverse backgrounds including Apple, GoPro, Buffer, and YC, and we are at an exciting stage of our journey: our revenue is growing fast, and we are now scaling to empower more designers and creators with the modern animation tool they have been dreaming of.

<aside> ✨ Our mission. Make motion design accessible to all designers.


<aside> 🔭 Our ambition. Become the leading platform to create animated content.


👩‍💻 Join a team of makers

We are building a stellar team of humble, inspiring, creative smart folks who enjoy building world-class products, learning, and growing together. Here are some soft skills we’re excited about:

<aside> ✨ Excellence. You love building great products and you deeply care about the quality of your work. You always go the extra mile.


<aside> ⚡ Energy. You are clear and engaging. You are excited to ship, and pass that energy to the team. You love to come up with creative solutions.


<aside> 🤝 Team play. You are a team player who loves to co-create. You love to be inspired, and inspire others to help them grow.


<aside> 🧭 Ownership. You are a self-starter who gets things done. You focus on the most impactful initiatives with an entrepreneurial spirit.


✨ Open positions

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

Diversity and inclusion are core to our culture. If you are a member of an underrepresented group in tech, we strongly encourage you to apply.

No open position for you? If you resonate with our mission and think your profile would be a great fit, send an email to [email protected] and pass along any relevant information.

🌐 We are a remote company with a hub in Paris

We believe the freedom of working the way we want allows us to do our best, most meaningful work. Our team is distributed in the US and EU timezones, with an office space in Paris where we gather regularly. We meet daily on Around for quick updates, and have a strong written culture.

🔖 Perks and benefits